DNA test for a variety of relationships.

Genetic tests for a variety of relationships.

Analysis methods Availability Number of genes Test code Retail Price
PCR 3 – 4 weeks GHC 032 £ TBA

Detailed information

There may be situations in your life where you need to verify or establish your biological kinship with others. For example, in paternity determination, where the predicted father's DNA cannot be obtained, it is possible to identify or exclude his fatherhood by analyzing the DNA of his parents, the grandparents of the child. It is about determining the relationship of a grandparent-grandson / granddaughter.

In this test, 15 or 19 (according to a specific situation) of DNA sections, called STR markers, are examined, plus another section determining the gender of the sample. If a child's mother (grandchild) undergoes the test, the grandparent-grandson / grandchild's relationship is either eliminated unambiguously or confirmed with a probability of at least 99.9%. If the mother of the child does not pass the test, the probability of the result usually reaches at least 99%, but not always.

In this case, it is necessary to investigate other DNA features, the choice of which depends on the gender of the child and other circumstances. These additional examinations increase the financial costs and may extend the term of the test. Therefore, if the child's mother sample is not available, the test price and the delivery date depend on the specific situation.

Who is the test suitable for?

Examination is appropriate if you experience excessive hair loss without apparent external causes, eg with some medication, long-term stress, hormonal changes - after delivery, etc.

What can this test reveal?

In order to make the test result unambiguous, it is necessary to also analyze the child's mother sample. However, if neither a mother's sample is available, the reliability of the outcome depends on a number of circumstances, particularly on the gender of the child. In this case, it is advisable to consult with us before the test is ordered. The examination is appropriate if:

  • You need to confirm/refute paternity, but you cannot get a sample of a supposed father
  • You need to verify your biological kinship with other people
The test is suitable for confirming or reversing paternity without the direct participation of the anticipated father or for confirming or reversing various family relationships. The result of an anonymous test cannot be used in court as a means of proof because, in addition to the test participants themselves, there is no certainty as to the origin of the analysed samples. The test may, however, be performed in the form of a forensicexpert opinion.

How does the test work?

As test scores vary between 99-99.9% depending on the circumstances described above, they will give you a fairly clear answer to your confusion about different family relationships, or determine your father without his / her synergy.

How is the test done?

You can order the test from attending your Doctor/GP, private clinic or online at ghcgenetics. co.uk. Once you have signed the informed consent form, either a swab of your mouth will be taken or a blood sample will be collected. Once the genetic analysis is finished, you or your Doctor/GP will receive a report with the results and based on these he/she will recommend suitable preventive measures.