Genetic and geographical origin.

Did your ancestors live in China or North America? Is there a person who is genetically related to you around the world?

Analysis methods Availability Number of genes Test code Retail Price
PCR 3 – 4 weeks GHC 031 £ TBA

Detailed information

The genealogy test examines the degree of genetic kinship of individuals and the geographical origin of maternal or paternal lines of the genus. From the DNA sample, you can determine from what areas your ancestors came from. You can choose whether to examine the ancestors for the female or male line. From one DNA sample, genetic information from both mother and father can be investigated. In the case of male line testing, the DNA test determines the so-called Y-DNA haplotype and affiliation with the Y-DNA haplope.

Similarly, the female line analysis provides a so-called mtDNA haplotype and determines the affinity for the mtDNA haplogroup (referred to as the "mtDNA clone"). In the world databases we will then find out if the same genetic information was found in other people. You will receive a unique certificate from us confirming the test results.

Who is the test suitable for?

The genealogy test is suitable for everyone regardless of age, gender or health condition.

Test enables:

  • To determine the area of the world from which your ancestors came from
  • Examines information from the maternal side of the family
  • Examines information from the paternal side of the family
  • Option 1: the male line
  • Option 2: the female line

What can this test reveal?

The results of the test will provide you with basic information about the origin of your genotype, its spread in Europe and the current frequency in the UK. In world databases, we find out if the same genetic information has been found in other people and provide a comprehensive analysis of your genetic ancestry.

How does the test work?

Genetic examination is performed from your DNA, which can be obtained by swabbing from the oral cavity (buccal wiping of the inside of your mouth cheek - DNA isolation from oral mucosal cells). You can take the sample yourself in the comfort of your home and send it to our lab, or have your collection taken by your GP.

How is the test done?

You can order the test from attending your Doctor/GP, private clinic or online at ghcgenetics. Once you have signed the informed consent form, either a swab of your mouth will be taken or a blood sample will be collected. Once the genetic analysis is finished, you or your Doctor/GP will receive a report with the results and based on these he/she will recommend suitable preventive measures.