Genetic analysis for women.

Genetic examination by GynGen®, is part of predictive medicine, and women are offered a unique opportunity to better know your body while making a significant step in preventive health protection.

Analysis methods Availability Number of genes Test code Retail Price
PCR 3 – 4 weeks GHC 023 £ TBA

Detailed information

Modern medicine, with all its developments, tries to completely prevent serious illnesses, or to detect and cure them in their early stages, when they can deal with them most effectively. Some of these so-called civilization diseases are more likely to occur in women, to which our special test called GynGen®, reacts.

It uses the latest findings of molecular genetics and offers a comprehensive genetic analysis focused primarily on women. GynGen®, our genetic test specifically for women, can provide such information.

GynGen®, will reveal your genetic risks and will allow you to tailor your lifestyle accordingly. The examination highlights the increased or low risk of selected serious illnesses and recommends the suitability of hormonal therapy or the use of hormonal contraceptives. The test also detects the presence of genetic mutations, such as the 7 most frequent changes in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes that are at risk for developing breast cancer.

Who is the test suitable for?

The test can be performed at any age, as genetic information remains unchanged throughout life, so the analysis has a lasting value. For young girls, however, it is ideal to perform a pre-pubertal examination. The parts of the test for predisposition to thrombosis and pulmonary embolism are important for girls when deciding whether to use hormonal contraception.

What can this test reveal?

Comprehensive genetic analysis of GynGen® determines the predisposition for the following diseases: cardiovascular disease, cancer (only indicative), obesity and diabetes type II. The result of the exam is a detailed report of your genetic predispositions with expert commentary. The results of the genetic test do not change over time, so this document will accompany you throughout your life.

How does the test work?

Genetic examination is performed from your DNA, which can be obtained by swabbing from the oral cavity (buccal wiping of the inside of your mouth cheek - DNA isolation from oral mucosal cells). You can take the sample yourself in the comfort of your home and send it to our lab, or have your collection taken by your GP.

How is the test done?

You can order the test from attending your Doctor/GP, private clinic or online at ghcgenetics. Once you have signed the informed consent form, either a swab of your mouth will be taken or a blood sample will be collected. Once the genetic analysis is finished, you or your Doctor/GP will receive a report with the results and based on these he/she will recommend suitable preventive measures.