Genetic tests for maternity.

There may be circumstances in your life that lead you to verify your biological kinship with another person.

Analysis methods Availability Number of genes Test code Retail Price
PCR 3 – 4 weeks GHC 036 £ TBA

Detailed information

Genetic information is stored in the cells of our body in the form of DNA and is a combination of the DNA of both our biological parents. Genetic analysis for the determination of biological kinship is focused on certain sites in DNA where we differ from each other and are the cause of our uniqueness and unrepeatability. By comparing more of such sites with one another, it is possible to determine whether or not the child could have gained such a combination of genetic variations from the mother or not.

In some situations, you need to be certain that you are really the biological mother of your child or your mother's child. Determination of biological kinship may also be important from the medical point of view, in the case of the risk of hereditary disease or the possibility of organ donation.

The examination is appropriate if:

  • you have any doubts about your biological relationship with your mother
  • you want to make sure you are the mother of your child
  • you want to know the risks of hereditary diseases
  • you need to know the possibility of donating organs
  • Includes examination of two persons – parent & child
  • Examination by a forensic expert (father-mother-child / father-child or mother child)

What can this test reveal?

This test can be undertaken by anyone who wants to make sure she is the biological mother of her child. Further, this test is suitable for those who would like to know the risk of hereditary illness or need to verify the possibility of organ donation.

For Option 1, you will receive a report with the results and any recommendations for changes in your lifestyle, within 20 business days.
For Option 2, with the Forensic Expert you will receive a report with the results and any recommendations for changes in your lifestyle, within 40 business days.

How does the test work?

Genetic examination is performed from your DNA, which can be obtained by swabbing from the oral cavity (buccal wiping of the inside of your mouth cheek - DNA isolation from oral mucosal cells). You can take the sample yourself in the comfort of your home and send it to our lab, or have your collection taken by your GP.

How is the test done?

You can order the test from attending your Doctor/GP, private clinic or online at ghcgenetics. Once you have signed the informed consent form, either a swab of your mouth will be taken or a blood sample will be collected. Once the genetic analysis is finished, you or your Doctor/GP will receive a report with the results and based on these he/she will recommend suitable preventive measures.